Commercial Photography



Nothing sells your product better than a good clear image. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. A clear, sharp photo of your product will tell a far better story about it than any amount of word description in sales brochures, catalogs, and menus. Lista’s Studio has many years of successful experience producing photographs that show your product at its very best. Click on the photo at left to see some typical product pictures created by Lista’s Studio.


Many businesses have a need for top quality pictures of their buildings. They can be used in advertising, in sales brochures, in catalogs, in financial reports, and in training materials. Professionaly composed and created photographs show off your building at its very best and enhance your image and reputation. Realtors who use professional images of their high end properties tend to close the sale quicker and at a higher price. Let Lista’s Studio bring out the best features of your buildings.


Many web designers will tell you that you can punch up your web site by including pictures on it. Professionally made images of your products, your premises, and your personnel in action wil make your web site more interesting and increase the number of viewers. Let Lista’s Studio create the best possible images for your web site. It is an investment that will repay itself many times over in incrased business.


Memorable pictures of your special events can be used to promote more of the same. Professionally made images of fund raisers cn encourage more giving; the right grand opening picture can increase traffic to your location. Lista’s Studio can create the perfect image for mailers, sales material, advertising and publicity posters.