Stock Photos

The best source for generic Aiken-themed photos!

Whatever project you are working on, Lista’s Studio can provide a fine quality image that represents Aiken at its best. Stock photographs are sold with all necessary usage rights, and can be provided in any useful format – a variety of digital formats, or quality prints.


Aiken is home to a wide variety of persons from all demographics and occupations. Because of Aiken’s history and location, certain types of persons typify the Aikenite.


Aiken outdoors is a wonderful environment for living. We have a variety of photos that show this to best advantage. Show off the parks, golf courses, polo fields, farmers market, streetscapes, and equestrian facilities that make Aiken the best place in America to live.


Lista’s Studio has stock photos of every church and public building in Aiken, as well as other notable historical named structures.


The people of Aiken participate in many community activities in the course of a typical year. These activities are a large part of what makes Aiken a special place to live.